How does Graston/IASTM promote healing?

soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue injuries, as well as muscular pain and inflammation, are all common concerns for people from all walks of life, from athletes to office workers. Because of the frequency of such complaints, there are a wide range of treatment options available, from qualified professionals. One of the most effective treatment options is the Graston […]

Differences between soft tissue therapy and sports massage

With a wide range of different massage therapy options to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly which treatment option is the best option for you. Soft tissue therapy and sports massage are two highly popular options for improving health and promoting recovery. But what are the differences between soft tissue therapy and […]

Benefits of fire cupping for stress relief


Stress is something that has a detrimental impact on the mental and physical health of many people across the UK, and in this fast paced world, demands and pressures are ever increasing. Managing stress is essential for mental, emotional, physical and professional wellbeing, and as an ancient technique that has become more popular in recent […]

Effective massage therapies for athletes

hijama cupping

Massage therapies are becoming a more popular option overall, for people from all walks of life and all physical ability levels. From stressful office desk jobs that cause your shoulders to hunch, to active and demanding physical jobs, massage therapy is not restricted to sports players and athletes. While this is great news for the […]

Reasons to choose sports massage therapy for non athletes

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An increasing number of people are opting for massage therapies, from cupping and fire cupping to sports massage. But what about non-athletes? Well, massage has been found to have a range of positive impacts on people who also have a fairly sedentary lifestyle, with long hours at a desk. So what are the biggest reasons […]