Effective massage therapies for knee pain

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Whether you are recovering from a knee injury, have an ongoing or chronic condition, or are suffering with knee pain with an unknown cause, there are a number of different treatment options available, including massages. But what are the most effective massage therapies for knee pain? And which option would best suit your situation?

What are the different causes of knee pain?

So what are the effective massage therapies for knee pain?

There are several different but effective massage therapy options that can help to alleviate knee pain. These include:

  • Sports massage 
  • Soft tissue therapy 
  • Graston IASTM 

Sports massage for knee pain

While sports massage is a type of massage therapy that was developed for athletes, this is an option that can benefit anyone experiencing knee pain. With a focus on tendons, ligaments and muscles, this therapy can help to address common knee pain issues like ligament strains and patellar tendinitis. Sports massage is a type of massage therapy that uses a combination of different techniques, including:

  • Deep tissue massage- Deep tissue massage is highly effective for targeting deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, which can reduce muscle tension for improved recovery and less pain.
  • Trigger point therapy- This focuses on specific points of tight muscle fibres that can cause referred pain. With the right massage techniques, these fibres can be relaxed, easing pain and improving movement.
  • Stretching- This helps to improve flexibility and range of motion, essential for knee joint health.

The benefits of sports massage for knee pain include increasing the blood flow to reduce inflammation, and relaxing tight muscles to ease pain and improve movement and function.

Soft tissue therapy for knee pain 

Another effective massage therapy option for knee pain is soft tissue therapy. This is a treatment option that involves manipulating the soft tissues, including the tendons, muscles and ligaments to help alleviate pain, and improve range of motion. As a result, this is a massage therapy treatment that can be very effective for treating muscle strains, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis. Soft tissue therapy uses several different techniques, including:

  • Myofascial release- This involves gentle, sustained pressure on the connective tissue (fascia) to release restrictions and improve movement.
  • Manual stretching- Manual stretching helps to elongate shortened muscles and tendons, restoring balance around the knee joint.
  • Friction massage- This targets specific areas of scar tissue or adhesions to promote tissue repair and reduce stiffness.

By improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing tissue elasticity, soft tissue therapy can reduce pain and improve mobility in the knee joint. This makes soft tissue therapy a fantastic option for people with knee pain from a range of causes. 

Graston IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) for knee pain 

Finally, Graston IASTM is another great choice for people with knee pain. This treatment makes use of a range of specifically designed instruments to treat problem areas within the soft tissue. For people with chronic knee conditions, or for those in post surgical recovery, this can be a highly effective option. 

What sets Graston apart is the use of steel instruments. These are used to perform a scanning process, identifying areas of restriction or scar tissue. Once the problem areas are identified, the tools will then be used to apply pressure, breaking down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. This process helps to stimulate the body’s healing response, promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

Choosing Graston IASTM for knee pain can bring a number of benefits including reducing pain and inflammation quickly, improving functionality and motion, and accelerating the healing process. 

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