Hijama Sunnah Days

The Sunnah days for Hijama are on the 17th, 19th and 21st of the Islamic month.

The following dates are the Sunnah days for Hijama
Cupping Therapy for the year

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January 2024
Jumadal-Akhirah – Rajab 1445

1st | 3rd | 29th | 31st

February 2024
Rajab – Sha’ban 1445

2nd | 27th | 29th

March 2024
Shaban – Ramadan 1445

2nd | 27th | 29th | 31st

April 2024
Ramadan – Shawwal 1445

26th | 28th | 30th

May 2024
Shawwal – Dhul Qadah 1445

25th | 27th | 29th

June 2024
Dhul Qadah – Dhul Hijjah 1445

23rd | 25th | 27th

July 2024
Dhul Hijjah 1445 – Muharram 1446

23rd | 25th | 27th

August 2024
Muharram – Safar 1446

21st | 23rd | 25th

September 2024
Safar – Rabi Al-Awwal 1446

20th | 22nd | 24th

October 2024
Rabi Al-Awwal – Rabi’ul – Akhir 1446

20th | 22nd | 24th

November 2024
Rabi’ul-Akhir – J Al-Awwal 1446

19th | 21st | 23rd

December 2024
J Al-Awwal – J Al-Akhirah 1446

18th | 20th | 22nd

 When is Hijama best done?

It is recommended that Hijama be practised on the ‘odd’ days of the Lunar Calendar.
Further to this, the specifically prescribed days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
The optimum Sunnah days to perform Hijama Therapy are the 17th, 19th and 21st days of the Lunar Calendar providing these days coincide with Monday, Tuesday or Thursday is of further benefit.

However it can also be performed on any other day if you have any type of illness as it is not contraindicated.

“Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the lunar calendar) then it is a cure for every disease.” Reported by Abu Huraira.

What is the Islamic Hijri Calendar?

Muslims around the world use the Islamic calendar (also known as the Lunar or Hijri calendar) to determine the dates of religious events and observances. The Islamic calendar is based on 12 lunar months – a new month begins when a new moon is sighted.

What are the Islamic months?

The Islamic calendar (Hijri calendar) consists of the following 12 months in numerical order:

Rabi Al-Awwal
Rabi Al-Thani
Jamada Al-Awwal
Jamada Al-Thani
Dhul Qadah
Dhul Hijjah (month of Hajj)

How many days in the Islamic Calendar?

The Islamic calendar (also known as the Hijri calendar) consists of 354 or 355 days.

The lunar cycle:

Effects on human behaviour and physiology

Human and animal physiology are subject to seasonal, lunar, and circadian rhythms. Although the seasonal and circadian rhythms have been fairly well described, little is known about the effects of the lunar cycle on the behaviour and physiology of humans and animals. The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility and birth rate.