Benefits of soft tissue therapy for injury recovery

Mayofascial Release Therapy

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a regular gym goer, or a casual team sports player, you will know that an injury can knock you off your feet and set back your progress. Not only do you have to deal with the pain of the injury, but you will also have to take time to rest too. That’s why following the steps for injury recovery is essential. There are a number of massage techniques that have been proven to help the body heal, including soft tissue therapy. But what is this? And what are the benefits of soft tissue therapy for injury recovery?

What is soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy is a tried and trusted choice for injury recovery. This is an option that encompasses a wide range of massage techniques, including massage therapy, osteopathy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and physiotherapy. Each of these different methods has a slightly different goal, and a professional team like us here at Core Holistic, will be able to choose the technique that will be best suited to help you recover. Soft tissue therapies will focus on releasing tension or dysfunction, and promoting localised healing. As such, this can be a highly effective option for injury recovery. But what are the benefits of this?

What are the benefits of soft tissue therapy for injury recovery?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing soft tissue therapy to aid in your recovery from injury. These benefits include:

  • Relieving pain
  • Improving range of motion
  • Improving tissue healing

Soft tissue therapy can provide pain relief 

One of the biggest benefits of soft tissue therapy is that this can reduce the pain you feel around your injury site, and in areas where you may have been compromising for the restricted movement. Soft tissue therapy targets tension in the muscles, relieving this and helping to break down adhesions and scar tissue for improved circulation. This can not only help to relieve the pain, it can also promote healing with the increased flow of blood to the area. 

Improving range of motion

In addition to providing pain relief, soft tissue therapy is also well known for its ability to improve your range of motion. When we get an injury, it’s easy for the muscles around this area to “lock up” or seize due to the local inflammation and the pain. This restricts your movement and can actually have a negative impact, as the increased muscle tension will actually increase the pain you feel. Soft tissue therapy can help to lengthen and stretch these tight, constricted muscles, which can restore your mobility and flexibility, reducing the strain on the injury site. 

In addition to immediate positive improvements in your range of motion, soft tissue therapy can also loosen muscles and improve your flexibility in the long term. This reduces your chances of becoming injured again.

Improving tissue healing

Another significant benefit of soft tissue therapy for injury recovery is that this is highly effective for promoting healing. Soft tissue therapy promotes blood flow to the injury site, which brings much needed oxygen, hydration and nutrition to the area, and allows your soft tissue to begin to repair. This also helps flush the area, removing build ups of toxins that can be contributing to your pain. As a result, soft tissue therapy can actually help to shorten overall recovery time, so that you can get back to sport and exercise quickly.

Choose a professional team for your soft tissue therapy

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